A sheet of foil with motor suitable for curtains of all levels

The brand has relied on the latest technological advances so as not to offer an “inaccessible toy on water”. Thus, thanks to an innovative shape and a calculated board volume per millimeter, the 500 riders/testers sent by the brand did not put, listen-well, that 3 minutes 35 seconds on average before surfing easily on the water with this first electric foil.


Blue Way 

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E foil

Session formation 

obligatory during the first handling.

From 18 years old  


duration: 1h session

Staff: 1 person with an instructor

1 hour of activity that will allow you to tame the board 100 €


duration: 2 hour session

Staff: 1 person with an instructor

2 hours to master the board and ride above the water. € 180

the price includes:

  • The necessary equipment for the practice (board, lycra, water shoes, helmet, life jacket)

  • Supervision by our instructor.



E foil


From 18 years old

The activity includes:

  • The necessary equipment for the practice (board, lycra, water liner, helmet, life jacket)

duration: ≃ 40min 60 €

duration: pack ≃ 3x40 min 150 €

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Trottinette des mers


duration: 30 min                             20 €

duration: 1h00                                 40 €


No CB - Check accepted


Blue Way 

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The BlueWay is an electrically powered sea scooter, very stable thanks to a large board and its handlebars.


Its reversible directional drive is a world first which gives the product great maneuverability and ease of use.


Very easy to use, the sea scooter is suitable for everyone, from 5 to 85 years old, and promises a maritime adventure in complete serenity, an enchanting break to reconnect with nature, escape the overcrowding of the beaches and the stress of everyday life.